Project Plans 2

Walker Families of Accomack County, Virginia

1812 through 1871

by Jeanette Daniels, Professional Genealogist

May 20, 2015

Report for Students Studying Walker Families of Accomack County, Virginia

 Creating a framework to organize research for the Walker Families of Accomack County, Virginia 1812 through 1871 requires examining the documents found to date.  Wills are a good source to begin with.  The following Walkers left wills between 1812 and 1871 in Accomack County, Virginia:  Bridget Walker will proved 1819; Eliza Walker will proved 1862; Henry S. Walker will proved 1854; James Walker will proved 1875; John B. Walker will proved 1826; Littleton Walker will proved 1826; and Rebecca Walker will proved 1812.

 The family relationships indicated in these wills are as follows: 

Bridget Walker - gave only to relatives not named Walker.  Will proved 1819 in Accomack County, Virginia.  NOTE:  Jacovine White was her niece.  See Whites listed below in Henry S. Walker's will.  Bridget may have been a sister or other close relative to Henry S. Walker.  More research needs to be done to determine whether this is correct.

Eliza Walker - daughter, Margaret Susan Walker, under the age of 21 years of age, got 1/3 of estate; daughter, Eliza Ann Nelson, got 1/3 of estate; and daughter, Sarah Jane wife of James Crowson, got 1/3 of estate.

Henry S. Walker - son, William B. Walker; son, John P. Walker; John P. Walker's children:  Stewart Walker, Patsey Walker, Emely Walker, and Alice Walker; unnamed daughter's husband, Napoleon O. White; Grandchildren belonging to John H. White, James B. White, Margaret A. White, and William White;  son, George W. Walker, and son, Henry C. Walker.

James Walker - son, John R. Walker; son, William M. Walker; daughter, Mary E. Walker; daughter, Susan C. Walker; daughter, Sallie B. Walker; daughter, Charlotte A. J. Walker; and daughter, Rosa H. Harmon.  The will was written in 1865 and proved in 1875.

John B. Walker - wife, Ann T. Walker, no children at time will was written in 1825.  Will was proved in 1826 but it appears that Ann and John B. Walker did not have children unless she was expecting a child at the time of his death. 


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