Project Plans 3

Littleton Walker - does not list the names of his children but indicates that if his wife, Hesse or Besse, should not remain a widow for the rest of her life, that she has no claim to his estate.  If she should remarry, then his property is to be sold and money from the sale is to be divided equally among his children.  Littleton Walker's will was written in 1818 and proved in 1826. 

Rebecca Walker - does not mention any Walker relatives.  Her will was written and proved in 1812.

Examination of the wills indicates that there were many different Walkers living in Accomack County, Virginia during this time.  The strongest possibility of one of the above being Teackle Walker's father, is Littleton Walker, at this time in the research.

Littleton's wife's first name was mentioned only once in his will of 1818.  The name is possibly Hesse, Jesse, Aesse, or Besse.  To date, no marriage of a Jesse, Hesse, Aesse, or Besse or Elizabeth if Besse is a nickname for Elizabeth Walker or Hesse being a nickname for Hester, has been found to have married in Accomack County, Virginia by April 1827, when Littleton Walker's property was sold per the terms of his will by his executor Southey Northam.  Hesse/Besse, etc. could have died shortly after Littleton or she may have remarried quickly after his death causing the sale.  The latter is more likely because of the timing of the sale. 

A look at the handwriting in the will document shows the surname of Hudson written with the same capital letter.  Most likely, Littleton Walker's widow's name was Hesse - short possibly for Hester or just a nickname.

Note that upon examination of the secondary source marriage records found by Nonna Good at the DAR Library, it is interesting that no female Walker marriages are listed in the alphabetical listings of Walker marriages.  Other surnames that appear on the photocopied pages also show only the males listed alphabetically, so as with all research, the microfilmed originals of these marriage records needs to be researched.  Most likely, there will be female marriages for Walkers and indexes for female marriages will also be there.  Hesse/Besse, etc.’s Walker marriage may yet be found in the original records of Accomack County, Virginia.

Census record information added to the wills of Walker families, helps to fill in the framework with approximate ages and other useful information.  In the case of Littleton Walker's widow, if she remarried quickly, she would not show up on any federal census record as the head of household.  Littleton Walker died in September 1826.  His land was sold starting in April 1827.  So, the sale of the land was started just over six months after he died. 


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