Project Plans 6

 According to the 1810 Census of Accomack County, Virginia, Littleton Walker would have been newly married at that time and had no children yet.  I have not been able to find a 1820 Census records for Accomack County, Virginia showing Littleton Walker as the head of household.  So, there are no statistics showing the children of Littleton Walker in 1820 available right now.

 It is estimated that Teackle Walker was born about 1812.  The 1850 Census of Accomack County, Virginia gives his age as 42 - making him born in 1808 and the 1860 Census of Accomack County, Virginia gives his age as 47 - making him born in 1812/13.  Teackle S. Walker's first marriage to Margaret Pettit was 30 January 1838 in Accomack County, Virginia.    Littleton Walker (Jr.?) was married to Polly Hancock on 21 November 1832 in Accomack County, Virginia.  The relationship between Teackle and Littleton (Jr.?) is suggested in Accomack County, Virginia land index record dated 1841.


 Suggested future research to determine who the parents of Teackle S. Walker were would be to:

1)  Search the microfilmed marriage records of Accomack County, Virginia for Littleton Walker's wife, Hesse circa 1826-1827.  Also, a search for the marriage of Littleton Walker to Hesse __________ should be done as well circa 1808/1809/1810 in Accomack County, Virginia.

2)  The land record dated 1841 shown above should be researched to see if there is any relationship stated in the record for Littleton Walker (Jr.?) and Teackle S. Walker.

3)  An every name search of the 1820 Census of Accomack County, Virginia should be done to find Littleton Walker and check the statistics of his male children at that time.  Littleton Walker does not show up on census indexes for 1820 and may not show up if the spelling of his name was difficult for the indexers to determine. 

The objective of the above searches is to determine whether Littleton Walker who died in 1826 was or was not cthe father of Teackle S. Walker. 


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