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Information in this section is a working framework for research on the Bird family of Accomack County, Virginia

The research of Kenneth E. Smith indicates that a Solomon Bird, Jr. went from Accomack County, Virginia to Edgefield District, South Carolina.

Generation 1.

Edward Bird born about 1645, died 1697 in Accomack County, Virgina.  He married the daughter of William Ebourne and his wife, Margaret.  She was born about 1656 and died about 1690.  They had a son named John Bird.

Generation 2.

2.  John Bird was born 1673 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He died about February 17, 1726/27 in Accomack Co., Virginia.  Kenneth E. Smith writes that sometimes John Bird’s death date is written as 2-17-1728.  The Library of Virginia probate index has a double date of 1727/28.  The inventory is dated 8 January 1728, however.  So, the will date is most likely 26 Jan 1727.  For more information about double dating, see The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy, by Val D Greenwood.

John Bird’s children were:

3a.  Solomon Bird born about 1704 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He died 1784 in Accomack County, Virginia.

3b. Nathaniel Bird, Sr., born about 1702 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He died 29 February 1780 in Accomack County, Virginia.

3c.  Daniel Bird born about 1706 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He died 1751 in Accomack County, Virginia.  According to the probate index of the Library of Virginia, the probate date is 1752  There appears to have been a second Daniel Bird who died in 1758 also in Accomack County, Virginia..

3d.  Eborn Bird born about 1708.


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