Walker Research Idea 1

Teackle Walker of Accomack County, Virginia

And His Descendents

Teackle Walker was born, most likely, in Accomack County, Virginia, about April 1813 and died in Accomack County on 1 March 1873 of consumption.  Research has not yet revealed definitively who the parents of Teackle were and due to a significant number of Walkers residing in the area that were of an age to fit, parentage cannot simply be surmised by looking at men of the same surname.  In about 1840, Teackle married Margaret.

In 1840, Teackle first appears as head of his own household as a male age 20-29 in Accomack Parish, Accomack County, Virginia.  Also enumerated with him are a white male under 5, white female 15-19, white female 60-69 and a black slave female 10-23.  One individual (presumably Teackle) is also listed as being employed in navigation of the ocean at this time.

In 1850, Teackle is enumerated in Accomack Parish, Accomack County, Virginia as a 42 year old sailor living with 40 year old Elizabeth and 3 year old Robert W. Walker.  Teackle’s profession of sailor may explain his seemingly later age of marriage and fathering children.  Also enumerated in the household are free black males, William Downings age 42, and Arthur Downings age 5.  Though Teackle had free blacks listed in his household, he is also listed in the 1850 slave census as the owner of three slaves, including a 25 year old black female and two black children, a male and female.  It is unknown whether these slaves and free blacks were related or why he was owner as well as employer of blacks. 

By 1860, Teackle, age 47, is living in Metompkin, Accomack Parish, Accomack County, Virginia with a wife, Elizabeth, also 47, and apparent children, Robert Walker, age 16 and William Walker, age 9.  He is listed with no occupation; with personal estate valuing $377; and could not read or write.

In 1860, Teackle is listed on the agricultural census as working 150 improved and 100 unimproved acres of land with total cash value of 2500.  His main agricultural products seemed to be oats and Indian corn as well as live stock. 

We are lucky to get a glimpse of the family composition during the war era as the Freedman's Bureau kept a list of those who took an oath of allegiance to the Union.  On 16 September 1864, Teackle, a 52 year old farmer Elizabeth, a 50 year old spinster, and Robert W. Walker, a 20 year old farmer, all signed the oath.  They are listed as living in Hog neck.  Also listed there but not listed as signing the oath are:  14 year old, William J. Walker, and 56 year old widow, Polly Walker.  It is unknown at this time whether Polly was related to the family or how. 

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