Bird Research Ideas 3aa

Generation 3

Nathaniel Bird Sr. born about 1702 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He died February 29, 1780 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He married Cathren about 1720 in Accomack County, Virginia.

Children of Nathaniel Sr and Cathren were:

1.  Nathaniel Bird Jr.

2.  Jacob Bird.

3.  Sarah Bird.

4.  Charity Bird

5.  Rachel Bird

Generation 3.

Daniel Bird was born about 1706 in Accomack County, Virginia.  His first wife is unknown.  He married second to Margaret.  He died 1751 in Accomack County, Virginia.  He married Margaret about 1734 in Accomack County, Virginia.  According to Kenneth E. Smith, Daniel’s will was probated 3-29-1758.  There may have been two different Daniel Birds.

Children of Daniel Bird and Margaret were:

1.  Rachel Bird

2.  Elizabeth Bird

3.  Suzanna Bird

4.  Mary Bird

5.  Scarbrough Bird


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