Walker Family

Examination of original source records for Teackle Walker and his family has not yet revealed information regarding who his parents were.  (See Walker Research Idea 1.)  There are questions of relationships to older women living in his household.  Polly Walker, a widow, age 56 in 1864 was identified in the Freedman's Bureau records of 1864 as living with Teackle Walker.   Who was she?  The older woman living in the family in 1840 was listed as being between 60 and 69.  Who was she?

Non-documented information from the International Genealogical Index is shown in Walker Research Idea 2.  The information may have had documentation when submitted but unbelievably, the Family History Library (previously known as The Genealogical Society) did not keep any of the documentation submitted with the information other than it was submitted by a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Or, if submitted by a nonmember to the Ancestral File, only the name of the person submitting it was kept with possibly an address that was known at the time of the submission.    For unknown reasons, documentation was not considered important at the Family History Library when it began to computerize databases with genealogical information.  That actually began prior to the computerization time period as much work was submitted with cryptic or false source information.  So, even though the IGI information looks possible as being the next generation back from Teackle Walker, there must be research done in original record sources to prove or disprove the information that has been listed there in Walker Research Idea 2.  NOTE:  The name of the submitter is “pkcropper.”  Who is that?  How long ago was this submitted?   Is pk cropper still alive?   Were the sources used credible?  That is  totally unknown at this time.

There are several unknown Walkers living in the area that need to be sorted out.  The area consists of more than Accomack County, Virginia.  This will be an area involving relationships of Walkers in surrounding counties and Maryland.  This includes the counties across the water from Accomack County, Virginia as well.

Currently with research on this project, there is no actual source documentation for Teackle Walker's parents and a lot more original records that need to be researched for his own family.  The goal of the Teackle Walker research project is to find and document his parentage with original record sources.

To see Research Idea 1,  click here.  To see Research Idea 2, click here.

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